can i just kiss the costuming department for this show

Hannibal approaches his first meeting with Will with chameleonic simplicity.  Far more casual than his usual wardrobe, he goes without a tie and favors muted, solid colors which mimic Will’s own style of clothing and render him rather unremarkable.  Of course, as they eat together Hannibal remains dark and fades innocuously into the background while Will stands out in white.



Hannibal + his ridiculous wardrobe | 8 of Coquilles

“Office hours are for patients; my kitchen is always open to friends.”

Hannibal + suits

so eventually this blog will have a lot of hannibal clothes and fashion and some of my feels and opinions about them but for now i need to just post some self-indulgent really sexy hannibal so there you have it

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yaaaaayyy there’s a blog here now